An injured employee’s recovery defines the success of case management


Meet Susan Wrobel, RN, Field Case Manager

After working as an ICU nurse for nearly two decades, Susan Wrobel’s passion for being part of a patient’s journey to recovery inspired her to make a career change. Now two and a half years into her role as a field case manager at Careworks, she’s witnessed countless claims and become part of countless positive outcomes. The strong female authority that exists among her colleagues excites her to take on leadership responsibilities one day. She feels heard and acknowledged when she has questions or concerns and appreciated when expressing her opinions and recommendations.

“My colleagues are an extension of my family. Everyone takes care of each other.”

A memorable moment

Susan was asked to support a claim where *Kim, a pregnant employee, had fallen on her face and fractured her jaw and many teeth. Kim had not been able to eat because of the pain she was experiencing — placing her and her unborn child at risk. Susan quickly recognized that Kim’s fractured teeth needed to be extracted immediately as they were at risk of becoming infected. Susan was instrumental in scheduling Kim for evaluation by an oral surgeon before it was too late.

Making a difference

Because Kim was pregnant, permission was required by an obstetrician to perform oral surgery. Susan quickly obtained and provided authorization to the oral surgeon. This quick action on Susan’s part eliminated delays so that Kim could move forward with the surgery.

A positive outcome

Kim rapidly improved after the extraction and was soon able to begin eating again with ease. She fully recovered and gave birth to a healthy little boy two months later. Because of field case managers like Susan, claimants can get help swiftly and comfortably. Throughout Susan’s last two and a half years at Careworks, she has remained flexible and views every case that comes her way as an opportunity to find and secure the most appropriate care for the patients she serves. This leads Susan to not only enjoy and grow further passion for her career but guarantee a safe and reliable contact for injured employees.


*Name changed for privacy purposes

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June 27, 2024