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Controlling costs in
auto claims

When auto injuries occur, keeping a close eye on medical expenses is essential. We provide fast, accurate bill review services for auto first party and personal injury protection (PIP) claims, helping clients control costs and achieve the highest possible savings. Our team analyzes all medical bills for auto first party and PIP claims to identify and re-price inflated medical charges to appropriate levels. Our advanced technology, robust rules engine and expert clinical team help maximize savings for clients.

Through our demand management solutions, our experienced nurse consultants can help identify medical treatments impacting liability claims. By closely analyzing the medical aspects of each claim, they help reduce settlements and overall claim costs for our clients.

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CareWorks provides a national network of utilization review experts which assures state-specified jurisdictional expertise. Our utilization review processes and decisions comply with all state or local regulations, and all of our services and providers comply with stringent URAC standards.