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Putting health and safety first

Our pharmacy solutions help control the use of medications, compounds and opioids prescribed for workplace injuries — providing critical oversight that can help prevent long-term dependency and abuse.

By putting the injured employee’s health and safety first, Careworks’ pharmacy solutions balance quality care with cost control, offering pharmacy utilization review, complex pharmacy management and medical marijuana review.

Key features of the pharmacy solutions include:

  • Aggressive management to address claims with dangerous medication issues
  • Prevention of chronic and dependency issues before they start
  • Targeted interventions to mitigate spend

Careworks’ pharmacy program is restoring lives by helping injured workers achieve a safe, healthy recovery through intervention, weaning, pain management support and drug safety education.

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CareWorks provides a national network of utilization review experts which assures state-specified jurisdictional expertise. Our utilization review processes and decisions comply with all state or local regulations, and all of our services and providers comply with stringent URAC standards.