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Careworks colleague spotlight: Erjol Tingo, Consumer Care Team Lead

Memorable experience  My most memorable experience at Careworks has been helping an injured employee since 2015, ensuring they receive their necessary DME. I have formed a strong bond with them and even as my career advanced, I choose to continue overseeing his file due to our meaningful relationship. Being part of this puzzle—connecting injured employees with essential needs—bri...

Careworks colleague spotlight: Christine Ray, Field Case Manager

In the world of workers’ compensation, where paperwork and phone calls often dominate, there is a group of professionals who choose a different path — one that leads them out of the office and closer to injured employees. Christine Ray, a seasoned Field Case Manager (FCM) who has been with Careworks for more than two decades and has 26 years of experience in the field, embodies this compassionate approa...

Where you’ll see Careworks in April 2024

At Careworks, we believe in the power of connection and collaboration. We are proud to participate in the following industry conferences this month. These events provide valuable opportunities to learn, network and share. 2024 The Executives in Workers' Comp & Risk Conference April 4, 2024 at the Anaheim Marriot in Anaheim, C...

Empowering choices, enhancing connections and elevating care

I was thinking the other day about connections and how important they are in all aspects of life and work. I thought about how connected many of us are in this industry – we've worked together, seen each other at conferences, and reached out when we see important or impactful trends. There are crucial lessons for the workplace to be found in these connections. I started my career in this industry about...

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