Careworks colleague spotlight: Christine Ray, Field Case Manager


In the world of workers’ compensation, where paperwork and phone calls often dominate, there is a group of professionals who choose a different path — one that leads them out of the office and closer to injured employees. Christine Ray, a seasoned Field Case Manager (FCM) who has been with Careworks for more than two decades and has 26 years of experience in the field, embodies this compassionate approach. Let’s look at her story and discover why being an FCM is more than just a job — it’s a calling.

The human connection

“I prefer working with the injured employee in person rather than behind a desk,” Christine shares. And it’s this preference that sets her and countless others on her team apart. She believes in the power of human connection — the ability to look someone in the eyes, offer empathy and provide support. When an injured employee sees Christine, they don’t just hear a voice on the other end of a phone; they see a real person who listens, understands, and guides them through the sometimes challenging journey of recovery.

Counseling and support

“The ability to counsel them at each step of the process toward their recovery and return to work is what makes the experience valuable and rewarding,” Christine explains. As an FCM, she wears many hats: advocate, confidante and motivator — to name a few. Whether it’s clarifying medical jargon, addressing fears about surgery, or facilitating appropriate care, Christine is there. She knows that healing extends beyond the injury — it’s about whole person recovery.

Why Careworks?

“Working with this company is the reason I have stayed in the field,” Christine affirms. Careworks isn’t just a workplace; it’s a supportive community. From electronic tools that streamline her tasks to travel assistance during long days on the road, Careworks invests in its case managers. The company’s commitment to growth and adaptability ensures that field case managers like Christine always have the right tools at their disposal.

Impactful moments

Looking back on her 20 years with Careworks, one particular memory stands out for Christine. An injured employee, facing transportation challenges and lacking a home computer, walked a mile to meet her for an initial interview. “Knowing the impact we can make in these people’s lives when they know someone is there for them locally,” Christine reflects, “is priceless.” It’s these moments — the ones that provide her with an opportunity to bridge gaps and offer genuine support — that fuel her passion.

The ideal partnership

Christine’s field work with a premier transportation and logistics company is a testament to the value of a strong partnership between employers and FCMs. The transport company has terminals throughout the eastern U.S. and employs fleet drivers, shop personnel, and support people, delivering thousands of vehicles daily for automobile manufacturers.
As their designated field case manager for several years, Christine has seen firsthand how their commitment to workers’ compensation clinical care helps get their injured employees back to work quickly and safely. The company’s program model identifies their injured employees who need case management support early and communicates with them throughout every step of the claims process. They require a call or a terminal visit from the injured employees after every FCM visit and use a preferred provider for occupational medicine. They offer a light duty or modified duty program as soon as they get restrictions and promptly authorize necessary interventions.
Their approach to communication and commitment to employee well-being helps to ensure successful return to work rates. “I am proud of their employees’ trust in Careworks as their FCM to help them in their journey. They are an ideal employer to partner with, and if other employers model after them, I believe they would see successful return to work rates too,” Christine states.

A personal touch

“Even in our electronic age,” Christine emphasizes, “serving people in person remains crucial.” The disconnect that sometimes plagues injured individuals can only be bridged face-to-face. Whether it’s explaining medical instructions, addressing financial worries, or reassuring them about their future, Christine knows that personal touch matters. And when she closes a claim, hearing an injured worker say, “Thank you for everything you did,” reminds her why she chose this path.

Making a difference

Christine’s story underscores the profound difference that a dedicated field case manager can make in the lives of injured employees and the companies they serve. At Careworks, we’re proud to have colleagues like Christine who embody our commitment to helping injured employees return to meaningful work. If you have a story to share or are interested in our managed care solutions, please contact us.

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