Clinical colleague spotlight: Barbara Gardner, Field Nurse Case Manager


Life as a case manager

For 25 years, Barbara Gardner has been a beacon of hope and support for injured employees. Her passion for case management is simple: to guide injured individuals through their recovery journey — helping them return to work, particularly to roles they find fulfilling. She values the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, which is the core of her role as a field nurse case manager at Careworks.

“I appreciate the opportunity to make a difference in injured workers’ lives.”

Memorable experience

Barbara appreciates the caring and supportive environment fostered by the managers and team leads she gets to collaborate with at Careworks. One of Barbara’s most meaningful experiences involved an injured employee who had been out of work for several months and was essentially ‘lost’ in the workers’ compensation system. Upon receiving the case, Barbara swiftly coordinated with the surgeon, secured approval for the procedure, and ensured a seamless transition to physical therapy post-surgery. Recognizing the physical demands of the employee’s job, Barbara recommended a work conditioning program, which the employee completed over six weeks. Ever since the employee was released for full duty, Barbara has kept in touch and up to speed on their progress — showing empathy throughout the claim.

Power of choice

Barbara believes in the importance of attending appointments with injured workers to expedite case progression and advocate for their recovery. Her experience during the COVID-19 crisis — where Careworks provided alternative work options — further solidifies her commitment to the organization. She looks forward to continuing her journey at Careworks and making a difference in injured workers’ lives.

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The power of choice.

May 9, 2024