Empowering choices, enhancing connections and elevating care


I was thinking the other day about connections and how important they are in all aspects of life and work. I thought about how connected many of us are in this industry – we’ve worked together, seen each other at conferences, and reached out when we see important or impactful trends. There are crucial lessons for the workplace to be found in these connections.

I started my career in this industry about 20 years ago as a field case manager at a small company based in Western Michigan. I loved those early days of my career, as I got to work with all kinds of claims and businesses — from small employers to large insurance companies. Whether it was claimants, clients or my colleagues, I got to know people on a personal basis… we connected.

Over time, my career took me to many places where I could work with a wide range of physicians, attorneys, jurisdictions and claimants. I’ve seen some in the industry become less connected, often leading to greater claims complexity and litigation. I’ve seen technology and innovation transform our industry. Most importantly, I’ve seen what does and doesn’t work through every facet of an organization, from operations to client services. I’ve loved every minute.

In 2013, I joined Sedgwick, and through the years I’ve been part of integrating many teams within our managed care division, and most recently our independent managed care organization called Careworks. Careworks is a compilation of like-minded companies that, through strategic acquisitions and mergers, has evolved into a full suite of managed care services aligned under a single, unifying brand.

Throughout Careworks’ growth, I’ve been fortunate to work with many people who, like me, have been in the industry for decades. Our experience gives us a unique perspective. High-quality, personalized service, supported by a team of connected and passionate colleagues, will always lead to the best results for clients.

Our commitment to the power of choice

This year, we’re injecting fresh energy into the Careworks brand, expanding our belief in connections in new and meaningful ways. Our focus is reignited, aimed at empowering both our clients and the industry with an extended suite of managed care solutions, all centered around the ‘power of choice.’

The managed care industry is also moving towards providing more choices. There’s a noticeable shift towards customization, with a focus on giving clients options on where they source their resources and services. Gone are the days when carriers, third party administrators (TPAs) and employers were limited to standard programs that may or may not meet their needs. Whether utilizing a carrier, TPA or self-administering, employers now have a range of choices available.

Because we know there are more choices in the marketplace, at Careworks, we’re committed to providing a variety of options designed to address the specific requirements of each client. How does this shift translate into real-world scenarios? In many ways; for example, it means providing surgery nurse and case management resources, processing and negotiating provider bills, and offering comprehensive network and ancillary solutions. At Careworks, we connect these services, tailor them to meet the unique needs of your organization, and ensure that your choices provide value.

Connect with us! Follow us on LinkedIn. Stay tuned for part two of this blog where I’ll discuss the industry’s toughest challenges in today’s workforce — and how Careworks is helping our clients address them.

Written by:

Beth Burry, MA, CRC, ARM

Managing Director

March 5, 2024