Transitional work placement programs offer a helping hand



In an effort to keep a billing clerk engaged while she received occupational therapy (OT) for carpal tunnel syndrome, her employer wanted to provide an in-house, modified duty position. Unfortunately, it was deemed impossible to accommodate the employee’s restricted use of her right hand while she underwent treatment.


Careworks’ return to work (RTW) specialist recommended transitional work placement for the employee at a non-profit thrift store. The temporary assignment gave her a sense of purpose while she completed regular OT and worked to safely regain hand strength. As the employee’s treatment progressed and restrictions lessened, the RTW specialist collaborated with the thrift store manager to gradually increase her functional job duties

The longer that injured employees are away from work, the greater the likelihood they will never return to work. Careworks early intervention and return to work programs help facilitate positive claim outcomes.


Following a full course of OT, the employee had regained enough hand strength to be released back to her full-duty job as a billing clerk. The employer appreciated the support provided to their injured employee, and the billing clerk was pleased with the opportunity to give back to her community and remain productive throughout recovery.

Transitional work placement results

  • 90% success rate returning injured workers to work or ending temporary total disability.
  • Reduce medical costs by 30%
  • Shorten claim durations
  • Minimize litigation
  • Promote healthy recovery

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June 13, 2024